Just get it down. It’s taken me a very long time of saying ‘what if’ and ‘when’ and ‘why’ to be able to get the words down. I have spent years of my life watching, reading and listening to all things Star Trek, I have considered all the considerations and labored over all the episodes and movies. The absorption of this content has culminated to now: what exactly does Star Trek mean to me? 

I should probably take it back to 1999. I was thirteen years old and one hot summer my family was vacationing in a sleepy upstate New York town called Callicoon. My dad had been going up there since he was a child, and he and my mom would bring us up often to relive their joyful summers rafting and spending time with family. Of course without the luxury of television or internet. This honestly sounds like paradise to me now, but as a child it felt much different. My twin brothers being seven years older than me occupied themselves by mingling with local teenagers or often were old enough to stay home, so I was left mostly to my own devices. I would spend a lot of time outside by myself in nature just observing rocks in the river and watching the current lazily pass by.

But in 1999, Star Wars was back. I remember the fever, I remember the toys and the commercials and how amazingly electric it all felt. Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace was playing in the local Callicoon movie theater that evening in 1999 and my mother knew it would be important to have her children be a part of this historic event. Needless to say we all know how highly regarded and respected this film was. ::insert dubious emoji here:: But it didn’t matter. I was hooked. 

Yes, I know Star Wars is not Star Trek. I relay this story because it was important to my relationship with science fiction, this one summer evening truly represented my first experience with fandom. Having brothers I had been exposed to all the Star Wars movies before, and as a child I was weirdly obsessed with The Abyss so I was familiar with science fiction as a medium. But being a part of this movie, seeing it in the theater, experiencing the rebirth and re-imagining of such a well-loved franchise made me feel special and included, even if it seemingly didn’t live up to the hype. 

When asked which I like more, Wars or Trek, I tell people Star Wars found me first and I loved being a part of that fandom. But, I inevitably was looking for more. I needed varied female characters that were relatable, I needed more story, I needed more tension, I needed more drama and politics. Then came 2009. 

As the world prepared for JJ Abrams’ Star Trek film, the hype surrounding Trek was at an all time high in 2009 and it was so reminiscent of the Star Wars hype of 1999. Kirk and Spock were everywhere and I fell completely for it all. Before the JJ Abrams Star Trek film came out, I found myself needing to become familiar with the original Enterprise crew and so I fully immersed myself into the original series. 

Star Trek answered every prayer I had while also coming with an intense and historied fandom that I have only just begun to graze the edge of. The original series despite its many flaws gave me stories about strong female characters and people of varying races all working together for one common goal, to seek new life and new civilizations. Finding Star Wars felt like my first love, but finding Star Trek felt like coming home. 

Since 2009 my love for Star Trek has only grown and luckily there has been a huge influx of new content within the last few years. My goal for this blog is to lend my voice to the Star Trek song at large, to speak my views on life and Star Trek, to positively add to the community discussions, and ultimately learn to trust the Trek as I navigate survival on this little blue planet. 


A geologist living on Long Island, sharing her interest in all things Star Trek and sci-fi sprinkled with a little bit of lifestyle discussion.


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